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Aren’t you just sick and tired of trawling through all the crap people spew out across the internet about Digital Marketing? From all the jargon to the near non-sensical explanations of Google’s algorithm changes and what best practice actually is, it drives me crazy! So you know what? I decided to say “fuck it” to all that and explain what Digital Marketing actually is for you guys!


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Transactions VS Unique Purchases

So, as metric month is still going on, today I’ll be looking at two metrics that are hugely important for ecommerce websites; transactions and unique purchases. Now, the fact that these are two different metrics can cause a lot of confusion to people, so this...

5 Plugins Every Divi Site Should Use

One of the best things about building a website with WordPress is the sheer amount of tools and plugins available for the platform! In fact, there are so many its nearly impossible to know where to start! That goes for any WordPress site using my personal favourite...

Divi Short – Continuous Parallax

So, it has really been a while since my last Divi Short entry and I think its time for another, don’t you? I don’t know if you’ve noticed but when looking at my homepage on Desktop, I’ve got a parallax image for my header which continues...

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